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 We have wide Selection of Bongs, Gear Bongs, Vodka Bongs, Red eye Glass Bongs, Gear Bongs, Pure Bongs, Oil Rigs, Hookah, Pipes, Water Pipes, Shisha ,Vaporizer (Arizer Solo, Extreme Q, Haze Vaporizer, Crafty vaporizer, Mighty, Pax 2 by Ploom, G Pen, Micro G Pen, Inhalater, Vapir No2,  Cloutank m3 kit and many more), Bubblers, Grinder, Stash Can, Cuban Cigar, Blunt Wraps, Honey Bee Extractor and Queen Bee Extractor, Titanium Nails, Glass Nails, Baggies(Apple Bag), Coco Mazaya Hookah charcoal, Bong stems, One Hitter Dug Out, Pipe Tobacco, Detox drinks and detox cleanser, Backwoods Cigar, Ecstacy Herbal Cigarettes, Swedish General Snus Tobacco,  Orange Chronic Bong / Glass Cleaner , hookah pen / Shisha pen and other Accessories. Our Customer are from Burnaby, Vancouver, Coquitlam, Surrey, Port Moody, Port Coquitlam.

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Now We Carry – General Swedish Snus – At Burnaby BC,Vancouver

Snus is a spit free, smokeless tobacco product that tucks discreetly under the upper lip. The rising popularity of snus as a smoke-free alternative has made it the fastest-growing form of tobacco in the U.S. and now in Canada

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2 or 3 Perc Bongs burnaby vancouver bc

2/3 Perc Bongs

7mm Glass Bong Burnaby Vancouver BC

7MM Glass Bong

Swedish Snus Burnaby BC Vancouver

Swedish Snus

Volcano Bongs Burnaby coquitlam bc

Volcano Bong

Gas Mask Bong burnaby vancouver coquitlam bc

Gas Mask Bong

Pipe With Lighter,Hi-Liter Pipe & Bullet Pipe

Pipe With Lighter & Hi-Liter Pipe

Removable Perc Bongs Burnaby Vancouver Surrey

New Removable Perc

Bullseye Cigarettes , Burnaby, Vancovuer,BC ecstacy herbal Cigarettes, Burnaby, Vancouver,BC

Vortex Bong Burnaby Vancouver bc

Vortex Bong 5mm Glass

Mini Hookah Surrey BC

Mini Hookah

Shisha Tobacco Sheesa Shi sha burnaby vancouver bc

Shisha Tobacco

Bongs Bowl burnaby bc

Bongs Bowl

Grinder burnaby bc


Herb Grinders burnaby bc

Herb Grinders

Stash can - Safe Can

Stash Can / Safe Can

Digital Scale burnaby

Digital Scale

zong Bong Burnaby BC

Zong Bong

Hash Catcher Burnaby BC Vancouver

Ash Catcher 19mm/17mm

Pipes burnaby coquitlam vancouver bc

Pipes & Bubblers

Bluntarillo - Blunt Wrap - Burnaby - Vancouver - BC

Bluntarillo(Blunt Wraps)

Pipes Screen

Pipes Screen

Juicy Jay Rolling Papers

Juicy Jay Colored Rolling Papers

shisha smoke

Shisha for Hookah

Ziplock Apple Baggies - Small Plastic Bags burnaby bc vancouver

Baggies (Apple Bag)

Bubblers burnaby coquitlam surrey bc


Hookah Charcoal burnaby bc vancouver

Three King Hookah Charcoal

Joyetech E liquid Burnaby vancouver surrey

Joyetch E Liquid PG+VG

Bongs-waterpipes-hookah-Pick N Pay coquitlam surrey bc

Water Pipe and Hookah

Saliva Cleansing Mouth Wash

Saliva Cleansing Mouth Wash

Deffuser stems for bongs burnaby bc vancouver

Stems & Deffuser Stems

One Hitter Dug Out at burnaby bc vancouver

One Hitter Dug Out

Ecstacy herbal Cigarettes - Tobacco Free

BackWoods Cigar

Backwoods Cigar

Detox-Body Cleanser

Detox – Body Cleanser

Shooter - Cigarette Tube  - Injector

Shooter – Injector

Hookah Pen Wholesale Vancouver

Bamboo Pipe

Bamboo Pipe

Smoking Rope - HempWick

Smoking Rope – HempWick

Bongs with2 Perc burnaby bc vancouver

Bongs with 2 Perc

12 arm Slide Perc

12 Arm Slide Perc

Bong Cleaner or Glass Cleaner Burnaby Vancouver

Bong Cleaner



Hookah-Evolution-Tea Shisha-Non Tobacco

Evolution Tea Shisha/Non Tobacco

Water Pipe

Bob Merely Bong

Rescue Detox Permanent Solution

Rescue Detox Permanent Solution

Colibri Butane & Zippo Fluid burnaby vancouver

Colibri Butane & Zippo Fluid

Water Pipe burnaby vancouver bc

Water Pipe or Hookah

Shisha - Bong Store - head Shop Surrey Coquitlam

Shisha – 3 Perc Bong

Vials Vancouver


Oil Rig, oil Bong, Butter Bong Vancouver,bC

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